Sunday, October 01, 2006

Trouble in Paradise?

Could it be... ?

Rumors about the anticipated "October Surprise" continue to swirl. Will we attack Iran? Will "the terrists" attack us? Will Martial Law be put into effect? Will the election be cancelled? Will the internet be shut down? Will the detention camps be filled? Will we hear that God told George to keep on saving the world one colossal failure at a time? Be assured, Trouble is afoot in the bush garden of Eden. Capital "T."

Opinions diverge on all but the certainty that something will happen, and that it will be every bit as staged as the downing of the Saddam statue, the rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch, and the debut of Bush's flight costume at the Lincoln Playhouse.

Perhaps it will be that Rummy will get the boot, with Laura cheering on the sidelines, evil eyes wide open. Woodward, for all his late-date flip flopping, gives some reason to consider this a viable hypothesis.

Of course, it may be that Laura is simply starring in another commercial to sell the idea that there is a modicum of reason in the Bush Circle of Obedience, while Bush demonstrates to manly men everywhere how to ignore a reasonable opinion from a woman who is to be seen and not heard. Go Tuffy.

And who really is responsible for leaking all that dirt on Foley?

Opinions, facts, links, distractions...

Bring 'em on.

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