Friday, October 06, 2006

Diddlegate, War, and Peace

Oh, and habeas corpus, too!

I really don't have anything approaching an opinion on diddlegate and related problems, but I would propose that a once great nation is in free fall, titillating itself with images of supple and stiff 16 year old boys, and the ugly and powerful men who annoy, pay, and abuse them.

The mock outrage is black humor of a particularly low sort. All of this moralistic huffing and puffing by the booboisie is as pathetic as the heavy breathing one can almost hear in the emails and nasty chats.

Nothing more can be expected of a Christian nation which hates itself and hates the passions which animate us one and all. The Bible says that God is not mocked, one of its most basic bits of misinformation. God is mocked, as the panty twisters rustle about with their noxious notions of innocence, sin, guilt, and compensation.

Unless I'm mistaken, we are talking about the sons of fairly prominent Republicans here, which would explain the decade or so which has meandered by with this pathetic letchery in high relief. The stupidity required is beyond belief, and I don't believe it. The dentist who delivered his son to M. Jackson's pajama parties along with his screenplays leaps to mind. He pimped his own son, and I'm sure many of these parents had plenty of ways of knowing the dimensions of the game being played. But the important players were rich, powerful and influential. Not above suspicion, but well connected. And so... the hookups.

My take: the enormous power and riches of national leaders gives them immunity; the immunity gives them delusions, and in that way the abuse escalates.

What we have in Washington DC is hyperinflated impunity, where outrage follows outrage, and the circus becomes increasingly grotesque. Every injustice known to history is in full flight within our government. No one is exempted. Imagine, or rather examine, the rigid and purposeful stupidity of the lady Democrat who sat on the Page Board, like all three of the insensate monkeys, who had charge of the pages, but apparently never spoke to a page, and who certainly never asked an appropriate question, however eccentric some of the behaviors all around her. Her imperturbability is of a diamond hardness.

These Republican men seem to have become gargoyles of perversity. This is only the latest of the child prositution and pedophilic scandals which characterise Republican governance. People are driven to that which is forbidden, and the bodies of boys and girls are among the last frontiers which the powerful are driven to defile, having betrayed their personal values, the duties of their positions, and the social and natural worlds which require their care. Disrespecting sexual expression is the norm of our world, pious platitudes aside. Homoerotic impulses are the springboard to power, money, and prominence, when these impulses are publicly denigrated and denied.

And so this theatre of the salacious and absurd: while time lines of deniablity and boundaries of irresponsiblity are minutely ground out in the press and then in the courts, the world rushes on without us. Bush is free to launch his third war, Israel is free to practice its genocide, Darfur is allowed to escalate, North Korea is ignored, and our sacred liberties are stomped on and eroded.

This is the result of the fear and loathing of those beautiful, slippery boys.

A guest posting from comments, thank you Blue Moonchild, more proof that Les Enragé's unruly commenters ROCK! -SBT-

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