Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Late-night Foley Catharsis

Congressman, Get A Grip!
No, don't grip that! Eeeeeeeewww!

Fellow mobsters, you all know that we here at Les Enragés.org would never stoop so low as to joke about a matter as serious as child abuse. Nor would we ever impugn the dignity of a duly-elected member of the United States' illustrious House of Reprehensibles Representatives. Which is why we are SO very grateful to Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report for doing these things for us. And SO happy to leave this distasteful chore in hands so capable of wringing every last undignified laugh out of a situation that has left the Republican House effectively leaderless in the most important weeks leading up to this critical midterm election.

So, if we appear to be dancing around with glee, it is not because Congressman Foley was caught typing one-handed at a time when it did the most harm to his party. Nor is it because this scandal could well bring down (Oh, I am SO tempted to make a joke here, but I am way too dignified) many other prominent Republicans, including Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, Tom Reynolds and John Boehner. (Not gonna go there. Steady on. Dignified.) No, we're just happy to have such upstanding comedic geniuses doing our dirty work for us. Thanks Jon, Stephen, and YouTube.

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