Wednesday, October 18, 2006

History Lesson

Robert Newman gives a history lesson in his "History of Oil" that will make you laugh and cry.

If you haven't watched it, watch it.
If you've already watched it, watch it again.

Then think about this:
"Even as Iraq verges on splintering into a sectarian civil war, four big oil companies are on the verge of locking up its massive, profitable reserves, known to everyone in the petroleum industry as "the prize." Iraq is sitting on a mother lode of some of the lightest, sweetest, most profitable crude oil on earth, and the rules that will determine who will control it and on what terms are about to be set." (More...)
The pantless inspiration, blogger sans-culotte, researched this subject thoroughly, and posted on it; for a more in-depth history lesson, references and all, click here.

Who says history never repeats?

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