Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sorry about that!

To anyone who is still trying to visit this site: I'm so sorry that it has been allowed to go fallow. I'm FURIOUS with the asshats at Echo for having lost all the excellent comments you've contributed. They were the best part of the blog IMHO.

 I got an email from Echo (who bought haloscan and all its accounts and promptly fucked the interface over) advising me that the interface would be shut down in October of 2012. So I went to the site to check and found that it had already been pooched. Fucquers, as we call them up here in Canada. Furthermore the interface to blogger itself has changed dramatically, so I don't even know how to revert to the old clunky default comments. I don't think Blogger even supports the old 'template' style anymore - just the 'layout' drag-and-drop that I refused to convert to because it would have destroyed a lot of my (I thought) clever customizations.

I'd delete the whole thing but I think there are some great posts here that deserve to be archived for posterity. Thanks to all participants for your creative efforts and your desire to help make this a better world by opposing the fascist takeover.

I am so very sorry that it's had to end. I would have liked to re-activate it what with the election cycle coming up again. Any little bit of counterpropaganda we can hurl from the Trebuchet of Truth is a bit of ratwanger shite that hasn't gone unchallenged.

I am QUITE active on Facebook, so please friend me or subscribe to my posts there: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000513798283
Or send me an email - unruly1 AT sympatico DOT ca

If you've been using a monicker here, please let me know what it is/was so I know who I'm talking to. A lot of you maintained your anonymity to the end.

See you on the flip side.