Friday, October 20, 2006

Election: Projection/Protection

Dems Catching Wind in Midterm Election Sails

The Democratic party has caught wind in the fast and furious storm surrounding the Foley child predator sex scandal. TPM desribes 6 more races that have come into play, noting: "These shifts come after a more extensive Election Central analysis a week ago found that since Foleygate broke in late September, at least 29 races moved towards Dems."

The latest polling data suggest a rather strong sea change, indeed:
The Republican party faces historic losses in next month’s mid-term elections, according to the latest polling. The numbers suggest that voter discontent with the Republicans is so strong that they will lose control of both the House and the Senate. The poll, for the Wall Street Journal and NBC, shows the Republicans breaking a series of records: approval of the Republican-led Congress fell to a record low of 16%, for the first time more than 50% of voters favoured one party - the Democrats - to control Congress, the Republican party received the highest ever negative rating for a party, and President Bush was viewed negatively by 52%, matching the worst score of his presidency.

Oddly, it seems like there has been more news about election projection than election protection, even in the face of illegal vote suppression.

How will Americans react to reports of election tampering, and how does this "isolated incident" look from the outside? Philip James, writer for The Guardian, reports that in America, "Republicans are damaging the republic" as "questionable tactics in the midterms weaken the foundations of US democracy."
Racked with scandal, cowed by voter dissatisfaction and bereft of fresh ideas, Republicans are resorting to the only measure left to a party in power and desperate to cling to it: cheating, or what's more politely referred to as voter suppression. (More...)
So, how big a landslide will the midterm elections be? How broad and brazenly will votes be suppressed? And this time around, will there be an election fraud smoking gun? Subjects in the new Imperial Democratic Fascism want to know.

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