Saturday, October 07, 2006

Olbermann's Finest Hour - In Under Five Minutes

I've been DYING to get this video on Les Enragé all day. I downloaded it from C&L as soon as it was up there last night, saved it on my hard drive for posterity, and played it in loop/repeat mode of WMPlayer for about 10 repeats. This guy is DY-NO-MITE!

I've said it before, and he keeps forcing me to repeat it; every special commentary he does is demonstrably better than the last. How long until he passes sublime and turns into a science-fiction bodiless mass of sentient energy?
"The President does not just hear what he wants. He hears things that only he can hear. It defies belief that this President and his administration could continue to find new unexplored political gutters into which they can wallow. Yet they do."
C'mon Keith, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

h/t Pam at Musings of a Working Mom -keeps alerting me to YouTube availability
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LINKS: Crooks and Liars has the transcript.

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