Saturday, August 12, 2006

No Chemicals, No Passports, No Tickets...

NBC Nightly News reported that British agents are upset that they felt pressured (by whom?) to arrest terror suspects prematurely, and they possibly don't have enough evidence to hold any of them past the 28 days allowed under UK law.

Birmingham, England, City Councilwoman, Salma Yaqoob, told Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, that "a major caution in the general public in accepting what is going on, and also because the timing of this, with Prime Minister Blair coming under so much pressure. Just last weekend, we had 100,000 people demonstrating against his support for Israel and America with what’s happening in Lebanon at the moment. And so, people are a bit skeptical. And people are saying, “You know, we don't know whether these men are innocent or not. They may well be guilty, but why are we hearing about these arrests before even charges have been made upon them?

Blogger Kurt Nimmo writes at

In the coming hours and days, we can expect the corporate media, eager stenographers for the neocon plan, to connect the dots—blame will be affixed to Iran, Syria, and their “proxy,” Hezbollah, through “al-Qaeda,” now dedicated (or scripted) to help Hezbollah, not that the homegrown resistance group needs any help, especially from a CIA-ISI engineered terror group.

Finally, as attention has now shifted to Muslim bad guys (either imagined or a parade of patsies), Israel will likely increase the severity of its criminal behavior against the civilians of Lebanon and those of Gaza as well, as the American public will be navel gazing video footage of inconvenienced air travel passengers.

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