Friday, August 04, 2006

Israel imposes the tactics of military rule on some Arab cities inside its borders

Here's another story with Hebrew-only confirmation: Israeli policemen chased children into their homes at gunpoint in the Israeli city of Umm Al Fahm. They conducted searches in these homes. Gunshots were heard - nothing explaining them. No warrants, no warning, no kidding.

Back to English sources, Amir Oren reports in Haaretz about the pummelling of Gaza - 12,000 bombs hit it in the past three weeks.

And more in English - Israel has locked the folks in Occupied Territories into check-point-surrounded ghettoes, and now keeps them in their homes until Saturday, and points guns at Palestinian children with Israeli citizenship.

Who is driving the policy? What are they trying to achieve with the point-guns-at-children tactic?

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