Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina Reflections

This is an open thread to post our reflections on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the tragic aftermath.

I thought it best to let Tim Wise with "The Black Commentator" speak again. This is from the September 8, 2005, issue and is titled Blasphemy About New Orleans: A God With Whom I Am Not Familiar.

And in this essay, Jim Wallis asks why it is that during hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, those who have the least to lose are often those who lose the most. (Sorry, registration is required...but worth it to read stuff not by religious fundies. Check out their homepage and see for yourself at sojo.net)

And our always sensitive and empathetic (or is that just pathetic?) President says that we will not remember Katrina in ten years. No, Mr. President, in ten years we will not remember you.

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