Saturday, August 05, 2006

Breaking: Israeli Military Vehicles in Central Ramallah and arrests Chairman of Palestinian Parliament Dr. Aziz Dawik

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Les Enragés Scoops the MSM again

Ynet's Ali Waqad reports in Hebrew that Israeli military vehicles have reached the Muqata in Ramallah - the main government building for the Palestinian Authority, and the one where Yasir Arafat was kept under seige for the last two years of his life. The purpose of this incursion is not clear - this looks like either a phone or internet communication.

Despite the closure/lockdown Israel imposed on the Occupied Territories, driving into the middle of the city consitutes an escalation. In light of the other two fronts Israel is fighting at, a very curious escalation.

It'll probably hit the news outlets in the next couple of hours, but you heard it here first.

Edited to add: OK folks, this is HUGE. A further Hebrew report cites the Machsom Watch women as saying that large forces are converging on Nablus, as well, and the military presence at the checkpoints has been increased. In the same report, approximately 1,000 people have been waiting at the checkpoint since 4 p.m. local time, and are still waiting there at midnight, local time. Women and children included.

I'll put more updates in the comments as this develops. Edited later: Or change the heading. Arresting parliament chairmen is big enough for that.

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