Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Welcome, unruly mob, to unrulymob.blogspot.com. If everyone accepts the name, this will be the new home of Les Enragés. Take off your trousers and make yourselves at home. I hope you like what I've done to the place. I took the liberty of cutting and pasting from sans' own template to provide a familiar look for everyone, and to give links to sans' favourite causes, band of brothers, net neutrality, etc. So far my limited knowledge of HTML (actually I think XHTML is being used here) hasn't caused any major crashes. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. On my to-do list: registering the blog with haloscan, technorati, and that cool mapstat thingabob. In terms of formatting, I've already done more here than on my own blog that is now 6 months old. But as I say, I only copied and pasted from sans' code, so the effort was minimal.


Anonymous said...


What are thoughts about Halo Commenting?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We need the Hall of Shame!

I was imagining a series of threads on different topics that we can all add to over time, not necessarily repost with every new twist and turn...at least for now. That is just my opinion, and of course, I am very open and super flexible. :)

I can help with that probably Thursday.


RevPhat said...

I made it :)

As I told SBT via email, I'll commit to posting at least once a week. Perhaps doing the spiritual angle of an issue. Or maybe I'll post my letters to the Shrub. I'm certainly not interested in converting anyone to anything, but
rather see myself as an ecumenical progressive Christian voice.

*grins* said...

Simply grateful to be here. My intended course is to watch closely and learn, take hold of the rhythm, and join in the dance when I've downed a few stiff drinks.

Honestly I am experiencing..... what's the word,
hmmmmmm, maybe it's a wee bit o stage fright?

I don't want to slow anything down so I may jus piss ya off some more and sit quietly for a moment or two while I try to gain a perspective. *wink*

I remember having thought of asking people amongst us who were somewhat familiar with certain area's or aspects of world events 'topics' if they could provide updates on such topics somewhat regularly or as events unfolding might urge.
With a weekly? bi weekly? report? & updates as called for?

( I remember thinking of this being a good thing for the simple fact I was run down and losing my grip on unfolding situations due to the fact there were and are so damned many of them! )

I know this happens pretty much on it's own in the threads as most have area's of special interest that they keep us informed on.

I guess what I am really thinking is if we can avoid doing the same research at the same time except when it is called for in a group effort?

Or maybe what I am saying is that I feel that I have been so scattered in my trying to keep a grip on so many different 'topics' that I feel like I have lost my ability to speak on 'topics' individually with any real sense of a solid enough background to support it.

Suffice's to say, I'm overwhelmed and feeling somewhat lost in around or about the direction to take and focus on.

Oh yeah, I'm a bit of a whiner too!

Basicly I am just feeling to much!

I think I may I think I might go and work on finding something about the Mexican Election Developements.

Gawd I am so not a journalist!

So if you are as confused as I am jus disregard this comment.*grin*

That's all I have for(or can take from) the coffer at the moment.*wink*


RevPhat said...

Ok, I'll be brave and jump in the deep end with my latest letter to GWB.

And then someone with smarts needs to address this item (Grant? Nigel? Dave?)

While the rest of the blogosphere is debating Mel Gibson...Koreas exchange fire along DMZ ...http://english.yna.co.kr/Engnews/20060801/630000000020060801074420E2.html

I'm asking for someone smarter, because I don't know if they're always doing this sort of thing or if this is a new escalation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for setting this up. I see Jump's already here and ruined the neighborhood!:lol:

RevPhat said...

Yeah, Nigel, speak for yourself. And hit refresh, I've published my first blog entry.

Anonymous said...

I heart you too, NIGEL.