Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Essay: A Storm Is Coming

A storm is coming

I can’t sleep tonight. I’m nervous, waiting and knowing a storm is on the way. Not the kind where the sky turns green and the animals get nervous, but the kind where my soul is restless and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing straight out. The storm is enveloping the world, and I fear it could send us back to the Dark Ages. We are entrenched in Iraq, slaughtering and being slaughtered. The Israelis and the Palestinians are murdering each other. Pakistan and India, mortal enemies, have nukes. Iran is threatening that oil will cost $200 a barrel if the UN imposes sanctions on their country. Fidel is sick and old, and surely if he dies, there will be a fight for power. Chavez is convinced the U.S. wants him dead, and history tells us he may be right. We have deposed democratically elected government officials through black ops for eons now. Millions of Americans have no health insurance and no job security. Greedy corporations raid pensions and workers are left with nothing to sustain them in their old age. Home foreclosures are skyrocketing and people are pawning their possessions to buy one tank of gas to get them to their job, which barely provides them with their basic necessities. We don’t trust our electoral system, convinced we will be Dieboled and disenfranchised. Our president is infantile, a dry drunk, spoiled, and surrounded by “yes” men (and that includes Condi). He has zero diplomatic skills and is an embarrassment and humiliation to all of us. He loves war, as long as he doesn’t have to actually fight it. Our Congress is corrupt beyond belief. Government-funded stem cell research is dead in the water. Global Warming is wrecking havoc on our beautiful Earth and we continue to pollute and refuse to conserve. Our media has become government propaganda. We are hated around the world, and our moral authority is gone, blown away like a dandelion in the breeze. There is no shelter anymore. The storm is coming. And I am afraid.

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