Sunday, September 24, 2006

You HAVE to Watch This

Clinton turns the table on FOX "news"
FOX "news" host Chris Wallace had Bill Clinton on Fox News Sunday for what was obviously a planned ambush aimed at catapulting the propaganda that Clinton was somehow responsible for 9/11. Wallace acted like any typical Fox talking head acts when a progressive tries to speak on their network; rudely interrupting, even shouting Clinton down at times. Clinton most definitely did NOT act as a typically meek progressive. He aggressively turned the tables on Wallace, and asked him why he had never posed those same questions to any Bush administration officials. Not surprisingly, Wallace lied about that. Think Progress has the video, or you can go to Media Matters for the video plus a list of administration meatpuppets Fox has had on since 9/11, but not been nearly so critical of.
h/t Nigel Elliott
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