Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Can't Help Myself

Olbermann Just Keeps Getting Better
I know how much flack I'm going to get for putting up this latest Olbermann YouTube video. 'Oh, you're always putting Olbermann videos on the blog', some will say. 'That story is two days old', others will complain. 'We've already got a link to that in yesterday's post', a few will point out. 'We're tired of Olbermann', naaah, nobody will say that.
The fact is, I can't help myself. Olbermann's special commentaries just keep getting better and better. I have come to grow particularly fond of his newly-branded catchphrase, 'Bush's Portable Public Chorus' describing the mainstream media that load and fire Bush's propaganda catapult for him, seldom pausing to take aim or even to chose an appropriate target. In his choice of words Olbermann subtly invokes the classic Greek tragedians, whose heroes invariably fell to the formulaic Greek flaw of hubris. And that fatal flaw, an arrogance that blinds one to one's own limitation, Bush has in spades.
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