Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Exercise in Free Speech

The two cheeks of the same ass quote is golden, but comparing Blair to Monica Lewinski is platinum if you ask me. LMAO!"This Prime Minister is about to fall for one reason only; the wars, and the lies, and the obscene Monica Lewinski special relationship which he has entered into with the United States President, George W. Bush."

It's almost impolite for a damn furriner like myself to point this out, but there is no-one in American politics who comes close to being this outspoken. No-one. Not Ned Lamont, not even Russ Feingold, though I admire both those men for taking up a principled political position in what remains largely unoccupied territory. Even outside of politics you seldom if ever see Bill Maher or Jon Stewart take their act this far. Only Colbert at the correspondents' dinner comes close. And even that is because Colbert gets extra points because he said what he said with Bush sitting only ten feet away. Galloway and this clip both ROCK!!

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