Friday, February 09, 2007

The Iraq News

Death of Anna Nicole Smith, Some War's Going On... More

With the death of Anna Nicole Smith providing cable and network news with manna from heaven in the form of endless tragedy-bleached headlines AT THE EXPENSE OF REAL NEWS STORIES, coverage of the war will be on the back burner. Off the stove, really.

But what's a few billion dollars on pallets or confirmation of manipulated intel compared to one famous, drug-addled, heiress supermodel reality show hasbeen? Godspeed Anna Nicole.

For the rest of you diehards, here's...

...The Iraq News:
VIDEO: BBC reports on a scam involving contractors in Iraq. I thought the whole war was... screw it. We go forward.
VIDEO: Fox Noise owner Rupert Murdoch admits trying to lead nation into war.

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