Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Afghanistan News

Bush Asks NATO for More Troops, Taliban Captures District, Pakistan's Position, John Howard Waffles, Tony Blair Swears, More

Yesterday the story broke that Osama Bin Laden was putting together a command center in Pakistan along the border with Afghanistan...

Afghanistan! Yeah... What ever happened there?

Let's do The Afghanistan News and find out:
  • A helicopter crash killed 8 soldiers early Sunday morning.
  • The Taliban recaptured a district in Zabul province.
  • The UN is pressuring Pakistan to clarify its position on the Taliban after one of their governors likened the Taliban to a liberation force.
  • Afghanistan is considering amnesty for war criminals. Hamid Karzai will veto a measure approving amnesty, but Afghan lawmakers may override the veto.
  • A suicide bomber disguised as a doctor struck a hospital opening, wounding NATO soldiers.
  • A bit of relatively good news--Afghanistan's army is outperforming the Iraqi army.
  • Australia's John Howard continues to waffle on whether to send more troops to fight in Afghanistan. Seems like Howard likes to talk big about fighting terror when he's attacking Barack Obama, but when it comes time to actually fight, well, that's for Americans.
VIDEO: Bush calls on NATO countries to send more troops to Afghanistan. More NATO troops, as opposed to, you know, ending the illegal war in Iraq and sending those troops to the war they should have been allowed to finish off five years ago.
VIDEO: Tony Blair promises to see the fight in Afghanistan through. Of course, he's resigning later this year.
VIDEO: Mosaic--Has the hunt for bin Laden finally begun? They say perhaps. I say no.

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