Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Healing. What is?

I'm sorry, but this has been gnawing at me and I'm setting it free.



(The difference a decade or two makes.)



E) Eva Lowery, Peace Takes Courage, and the 32%.

F) Vice President Cheney Hails Ford's Pardon of Nixon in Funeral Service at U.S. Capitol Rotunda:
"It was this man, Gerald R. Ford, who led our republic safely though a crisis that could have turned to catastrophe," said Cheney, speaking in the Capitol Rotunda where Ford's body rested. "Gerald Ford was almost alone in understanding that there can be no healing without pardon."
Nice try, Dick, reaching out to your christofascist base with notions of redemption and forgiveness. The Prince of Peace would be proud (not).

It was a catastrophe.

Ford was almost alone because he was wrong.

Nixon was not remorseful and never cooperated.

Ford sealed the records, and the whole truth was buried, accomplices, protected.

I'm all for forgiveness and healing. I love a little rebirth and renewal. Mercy? Grace? All good. I draw the line at glorification of state-sponsored protection of criminals. (Actually, I draw it a little further in.)

Why is it that Peace is such a terrorist idea, except when it comes to letting political criminals off the hook?

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