Friday, January 26, 2007

Get Some While You Can

The Street Protest Controversy
I suppose that street protesting has always been controversial. I don't know; I missed the 60s. Despite the hugely unpopular yet nonetheless escalating war and occupation in Iraq, some question the effectiveness of street protests. Others liken street protests to "60s nostalgia" and argue that a draft would be far more effective at stopping the war than any protest could be. This debate has got me thinking and also wondering what others think. It's hard for me to link the expression of our political speech now to that of the 60s, not having been there myself, but I do know that what is being debated here in America is the right of free speech and of the People to question our government. We can exercise our right to free speech and to question the government in lots of ways. We can...

Get Music
I love music. Music is speech. Here is a list of some great antiwar songs and their lyrics. Here is evidence that protest music is alive and kicking. And The Nation muses about songs of protest against the failures of the Bush administration (Go Green Day!), here. Good music encourages others to sing along.

Get Informed
Knowledge informs speech. I love this site:


Get Listed
Signing petitions is speech. Here's one telling congress to use its power to bring the troops home now.

Get Writing
The Time to Stop a War With Iran Is NOW. Contact the Democratic Congressional Leadership, and give them your Marching Orders! Tell them what your vote meant.

Get Active
Political action is speech. Here's the action alert sign-up for people United for Peace and Justice.

Get Marching
Marching in the streets is speech. It is visible support for a cause. The street march of the day is here:

Stop the War Now!

Solidarity events outside of DC are listed here.


The People Have the Power...

My own answer to my question about the value of protests on this issue today is that I think that protesting:
1) Will not alter Bush's actions.
2) Will pressure congress to reign Bush in.
3) Will help consolidate opposition to Bush at home.
4) Will soften anti-American feelings abroad.

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