Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Re: Missing Emails...

I don't use the email they gave me at my cushy library job. Quite frankly, I don't even look at my work email. 90 percent of that stuff is Nigerian Letters and fake lottery announcements. Thanks but no thanks, I have enough money, exiled friends and lottery commission workers. If I miss an urgent message from my library co-workers, they just walk the ten feet or so over to my desk and talk to me.

I kinda get away with murder at my job.

A lot of people at the White House, apparently have even worse e-mail technique than I do. These guys are undisciplined.

From The Washington Post:

The slowly-unfolding disclosure that some White House aides use non-government e-mail servers to conduct official business may soon be reaching scandal proportions.

As John D. McKinnon writes in today's Wall Street Journal (subscription required): "The widespread use of private email accounts by some top White House officials is sparking a congressional probe into the practice and whether it violates a post-Nixon law requiring that White House deliberations be documented.

"A top Democratic lawmaker says outside email accounts were used in an attempt to avoid scrutiny; the White House says their purpose was to avoid using government resources for political activities, although they were used to discuss the firing of U.S. attorneys."

Most of the e-mail accounts at issue are on Republican National Committee servers. For instance: "Susan Ralston, until recently presidential adviser Karl Rove's assistant at the White House, appears to have used at least four outside email accounts: a 'gwb' domain account, a '' account, and an '' account -- all run by the RNC -- plus an AOL account. She once emailed two associates of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, 'I now have an RNC blackberry which you can use to e-mail me at any time. No security issues like my WH email.' . . .

You know, not to pass judgement on these guys or anything, but I'm way more on the ball than they are. When I send out all my emails plotting and scheming the downfall of my enemies in the other branches of the University, I don't accidentally leave a electronic "paper trail".

Or do I?

"There are also messages to and from lobbyist Jack Abramoff, now in prison. At one point, according to investigators, after an e-mail was apparently sent by accident to the White House account of an assistant to Karl Rove, Abramoff fired another one saying, 'Damn it, it was not supposed to go in the White House system.' . . .
You know who was really unprofessional? That Nixon guy. He had tapes with eighteen-minute gaps in them. They almost impeached him over that kind of stuff.

These guys can't be that careless, right?

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