Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting Tagged

...Without Grafitti

Well, I've been tagged.
By my fine friend, the Station Agent.
In a cunning game strategy and intrigue.

(I know.)

Here are the rules:

Find the nearest book
Name the book
The author
Turn to page 123
Go to the fifth sentence on the page
Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog
Tag three more folks

The nearest book is: Theory-Based Data Analysis for the Social Sciences, by Carol Aneshensel.

(I know.)

Page 123, 5th sentence begins:
"Our interest in spuriousness comes in a roundabout fashion: We wish to eliminate spuriousness as an alternative explanation for an empirical association that we would like to interpret as a relationship. From this perspective, the analysis of spuriousness can be seen as establishing the internal validity of the focal relationship by default: The relatedness component of the total association is the covariation remaining after the spurious component is removed. The more strenuous the test of spuriousness, the greater our confidence in the inference of relatedness."
(I know.)

OK, friends, I am tagging:

Green Libertarian (Rants and raves of a semi-lunatic...)

The Colorado Progressive (A Colorado Progressive)

Prezzildent Despondent (Art Pottery, Politics and Food)

These are all new sites that I have recently discovered, and have much enjoyed.
May you, as well.

And remember, friends don't force friends to play games of tag; they invite.


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