Monday, December 25, 2006

Ave Maria

Luciano Pavarotti and Bono
I've been posting secular Christmas music for the last few days, but here's something completely different, a hymn composed by Franz Schubert. I grew to love this tune listening to Aaron Neville's version from the album Warm Your Heart. I will forgive Bono's weak vocal performance on this considering the lyrics he brings to the game, which allow me to continue the anti-war theme of my last two posts. For a straight-up operatic version of this magnificent song with just Pavarotti, you can go to Station Agent's music blog, The Walrus Speaks.

Here are Bono's lyrics;
*Ave Maria*
Where is the justice in this world?
The wicked make so much noise, mother
The righteous stay oddly still
With no wisdom, all of the riches in the world leave us poor tonight
And strength is not without humility
It's weakness, an untreatable disease
And war is always the choice
Of the chosen who will not have to fight
Ain't it the (SadBut) Truth?

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