Friday, December 15, 2006

Clothing and the First Amendment

The Naked Truth and More Free Speech for Everyone!

THIS is legal:

Judge: Florida woman didn't break law by exposing breasts...
DAYTONA BEACH - (AP) -- A woman did not break the law when she exposed her breasts to protest laws that bar women from publicly going bare breasted, a judge has ruled...Her attorney, Lawrence G. Walters, said the city is trying to censor his client:

''I've never seen another city or case where the city has shown so much time and effort to shut down one person's First Amendment right of protected speech,'' Walters said.

Breast of Canada

But THIS is not:

Banned for a George Bush T-shirt...
An Australian was barred from a London-Melbourne flight unless he removed a T-shirt depicting George Bush as the world's number one terrorist." Allen Jasson was also prevented from catching a connecting flight within Australia later the same day unless he removed the offending T-shirt.
Just sayin...

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