Monday, November 13, 2006

Target: Dick Cheney

The Bus is Coming; The Hands are on his Back

Something wicked is afoot. Time is short for the Bush Administration. America has spoken--we want the troops home now. Before dinner.

But the administration isn't into crowd pleasing, so expect stall tactics to abound. They can't allow it to look like the American people by their vote alone can change things. My God, what an horrific example that would be.

One stalling tactic was the appointment of Robert Gates to take over for Donald Rumsfeld. This guy is there because Poppy Bush put him there to ease Bush away from Cheney.

Cheney is in a very precarious position, and, according to Mike Whitney, he knows it.

Whitney writes:
This is all about Cheney now; Dick Cheney, political survivor and skilled bureaucratic infighter. If anyone thinks that he's going to sit around waiting for the Democrats to start sniffing around the Republican corruption-cesspool; they're crazy.

He knows what's going on. He knows that Bush Senior, and Brzezinski, and Baker, and the rest of the "old order" Republicans have muscled in and are taking over. He knows he won't be able to bomb Iran, kill another 650,000 Iraqis, or declare martial law at home. And, he also knows that Conyers and the rest of them will be nosing-around the Halliburton "no bid" contracts; going through every sordid detail with a fine-tooth comb, and dredging up new scandals on a daily basis.

He grasps all of that. He understands the political climate and he knows that he only has two choices left; offense or defense?

Either he steps down or he collects his wits, gets his team together; Addington, Abrams, Chertoff, Gonzales etc; all the guys who are "one step ahead of the hangman"; and slaps together one "last-ditch" effort to establish absolute-dictatorial power that will put him forever beyond the reach of the law or of any future accountability for his war crimes.

All eyes are on the President's meeting with the Iraq Study Group before he blows out of town to go darken Vietnam's door. He knows too. The subpoenas are coming. He'll have to pay for this. It's just like Colin Powell said in his other doctrine--the Pottery Barn Rule. Bush broke it, now it's his. But, Bush may not have to pay up in full if the American people get their 45 pounds of flesh out of Cheney's arse.

UPDATE: Wayne Madsen reports that moves are afoot to replace Cheney.

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