Saturday, November 18, 2006

More Media Hypocrisy

"Damned Liberal Media Bias!"
Today I thought I would do a roundup of items about media coverage since the Democrats big midterm election victory. There is no lack of evidence of bias, but it is by no means of a liberal nature. After a week of pushing the ridiculous idea that the Democrats won because they fielded conservative candidates, or that the Republicans lost because they weren't really conservative enough, the theme has shifted to sniping at the new House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Glenn Greenwald blogs on that theme,
or you can watch KO discuss it here:
Olbermann points out the obvious difference between the friendly media coverage of Republican leadership selection and the same process in the Democratic party, portayed as 'infighting.' For more on the sniping at Nancy Pelosi that has been incessantly in the news, see this piece by Taylor Marsh at Huffington Post. If you decide to visit HuffPo, you should check out Nancy's declaration that 'Bringing the War to an End is My Highest Priority as Speaker.' That's good news.

There is also THIS PIECE at YouTube where Olbermann discusses the recently disclosed FOX "news" memo that constitutes the 'smoking gun' of journalistic bias. (Sorry, the embedding function was disabled on this video. The link will open in a new window.) Best quote, from Robert Greenwald, "If they were journalists, they would be ashamed, but they're not."

Shameless. Not Journalists. - FOX "news" new slogan?

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