Friday, November 03, 2006

Ride the Democratic Wave

Grab your beach chairs and binoculars, friends, because it looks like the GOP is headed for a major WIPEOUT:

And they seem to know it. But they're not ready to throw in their beach towels just yet; catch their newly crafted defeat spin:
Stricken with anxiety as the polls continue to indicate a Democratic resurgence, certain Republicans have already started spouting justifications and explanations. No matter what happens on Election Day, they say, the results must not be taken at face value—because liberal Democrats can prevail only by pretending to be right-wing Republicans.

Among the first to test this excuse in recent days was Laura Ingraham, the hard-line radio and TV talker who insisted that the defeat of Republican candidates would somehow represent a triumph of her ideology. What she told CNN’s Larry King on Oct. 30 is worth examining, if only because we will surely hear more of the same in the days to come—and because those same claims are already surfacing in The New York Times...Its only defect is that it evaporates instantly upon closer inspection. (More...)
Very creative. Yet, despite the desperately spinning GOP, it looks like there is going to be a BLUE DAWN in America:

That is, of course, unless the election is hacked, which would lead to unrest, civil disobedience, and an investigation, the likes of which we've seldom seen:

No, I'm not dead certain of a Democratic takeover, but I feel the wave and it looks like a big one. I've always enjoyed a big Blue wave. Must be the SoCal progressive in me hanging (ten) out.

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