Sunday, November 12, 2006

Congratulations, Ice Station Tango

On Your 1,000th. Post!!
That's right folks. Our good friend Station Agent, who diligently cranks out four or five excellent posts a day, has reached his 1,000 millestone. For a small gift, we have added him to our official ranks, so that his 'guest' posts will now have their own byline.

My attitude developed in my hippie days thirty or so years ago. If someone was already crashing on your couch regularly, I figure you give them a key. You either trust someone or you don't.

BTW, it's not his 1,000th or anything, but we have also extended membership to Jurassic Pork of Welcome to Pottersville. This is to acknowledge our gratitude for the excellent guest posts he has been leaving here from time to time.

Party Hearty! (Try not to fall asleep in the sauna. PLEASE don't piss in any of the potted plants. Some of those I hope to smoke someday soon!)

Ice Station Tango
Space Station Tango
IST Control Center
The Walrus Speaks

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