Friday, August 31, 2007

Suffer the Children...

... unto me. Jesus said it. Beethoven MEANT IT, in the means of simplicity. Holy Cow, this kid is great! A Patriot and Artist, and he doesn't know it yet. There is an awesome and simple beauty about that. So watch this marvelous Canadian citizen wield his axe, and the following video posts in order.

BY will and dedication, that young man has made a mastery and a modification of Beethoven's Scherzo to the 9th. Incredible, Especially in an age where we have inherited the likes of this;

Global Corporate Cronyism stifles SO much. What I am saying is this, and it's ME saying it:

Support Art. You're supporting life and real shit at that point. Support the Dems? Let's do that later, after a little more soul examination. You totally know what I mean.

I'm going to jump on SBT's SPP posts later as this struggle is part and parcel of facing the evils that we must today.

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