Monday, August 27, 2007


Hey Alberto, I packed you a salami sandwich, you torturing rat bastard.

UPDATE: Steve Benin at The Carpetbagger Report has his initial reactions up, including perspective on Gonzales's horrific tenure.
UPDATE 2: I'm playing Songs for Gonzo over at the station.
UPDATE 3: Kvatch has a great post up at Blognonymous; The Bush Administration - A Modern Politburo
And great coverage as always on justice/legal issues from Firedoglake, here, here, here, and here. Glenn Greenwald weighs in here.
UPDATE 4: Hilzoy offers his take on Gonzo's tardy retreat.
UPDATE 5: Might Bush slip us the Mickey?
UPDATE 6: Nancy Pelosi says that the nominee to replace Gonzo must cooperate with the continuing investigations into the politicization of the Justice Department. That don't make it so, just means that's what she's saying. Harry Reid echoes that.
UPDATE 7: Think Progress has a good guess as to who might take over for Chertoff at DHS if Chertoff is confirmed as AG. Note to Senate, do not confirm Chertoff as AG.
UPDATE 8: Bush announced Solicitor General Paul Clement will serve as the interim A.G.
UPDATE 9: Deal with the devil? Glen Greenwald claims Harry Reid and Bush have a deal for Gonzo's resignation if there's no recess appointment.

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