Monday, August 20, 2007

Leahy Threatens to Take Pieces off the Board

My dad, an unofficial chess master, taught me how to play chess when I was five. We played daily for years, then less frequently as I got older. I didn't beat him until I was in my twenties, and only now am I threat to beat him anytime we play (he still wins way more than I do).

One of the strategies my Dad uses is to mercilessly attack with his pawns. Very similar to Dick Cheney. If Cheney's pieces are going down, they go down in order of rank. Well Bush and Cheney have had a lot of their pawns, both their bishops, a knight and a rook taken off the table.

Patrick Leahy has Bush in check right now and Bush... He's playing checkers.

So the question is, does Leahy have the balls to stand up and insist on finishing the chess game, even if it means sending guards to arrest... who exactly? Fred Fielding? Like Rumsfeld said when we invaded Afghanistan, there are no good targets left. Just the King and the Queen. You decide which is which, I can't tell.

It's Bush's move, and, like a good chess game, the pace is maddeningly slow. Leahy can't even make his next move until after consulting his committee when Congress returns in September. By then, a much larger matter will have the headlines locked down.

VIDEO: Think Progress has the video from Leahy's press conference.

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