Friday, August 24, 2007

Coming This Fall, in Concert:

Jomentum and The Strangeloves

Joe Lieberman is still batshit crazy. He's running his gums about attacking Syria now. He makes Bejamin Netanyahu look like Fonzie (you know, cool).

Hard to believe that Al Gore picked this guy to be his running mate just seven years ago.

From The New York Observer (they can't believe this guy either):

Where did it all go wrong with Joe Lieberman?

Not so long ago, the then-Democratic senator seemed to represent the most mature and worldly strand of his party, especially on foreign policy. Now, his drift to the right seems to accelerate with every passing week and his public pronouncements become ever more bizarre.

The latest example came in an article on the editorial page of Monday’s Wall Street Journal. Of all the multitude of challenges facing the United States, Mr. Lieberman zeroed in on a peculiar target: Damascus International Airport.

Speaking of former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, he's poised for a comeback, sooner, rather than later. The problem for crazy Ben? He's not extreme enough and someone even more extreme is making him look bad. He better order a double-double Guantanamo next time he sees Mitt Romney.

Not to be outdone, Iran has announced it's newest toy, a 2,000 pound smart bomb. Look out for that this fall when you're invading, American forces. Oh, and by the way something, Iranians, if you wanted to look fabulous for the autumn of our discontent, forget about it.

If things weren't cold war-like enough for you, the strangest of the Strangeloves may be Vladimir Putin, who clearly has ambitions to reclaim Soviet-era glory, only this time as a capitalist, non-starving country.

So who's the good guy among significant world leaders? Hugo Chavez? He made things better for a lot of poor people--even poor people in other countries--but he's not so much with the democracy. Gordon Brown? Is he even significant? We'll see. Even Stephen Harper is a total asshat.

And to think, the biggest boogeymen of the nineties, Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic, are dead and gone, and they're nothing more than mere afterthoughts less than a decade later. It's not like those guys are missed, but from the way thet were demonized, you'd think we'd be dancing in the street with all our problems solved.

AUDIO: NPR reports on the tensions in Israel over the threat of a nuclear Iran.
VIDEO: The Young Turks predict how history will judge Lieberman.

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