Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cheney Crawls Out of the Bunker

Dick Cheney sat down with that legendary, hard-hitting journalist, CNN's Larry King, and slid some truly heinous statements onto the record.

Cheney claimed:
  1. Bush will be fondly remembered on his deathbed.
  2. Iraqi's insurgency was not in its "last throes" after all.
  3. When Defense Secretary Robert Gates's assistant used the un-patriotic card on Hillary Clinton, Cheney approved.
  4. Cheney can't recall if he sent Alberto Gonzales (and Andy Card) to the hospital to get John Ashcroft to sign off on the illegal wiretapping program.
Cute. Let's take them point by point.
  1. I find this to be extremely intellectually dishonest. Cheney takes one of the great general truths of the American style of republican government--that our leaders must maintain the courage of their convictions when public opinion turns against them, because traditionally the judgment of the American people is not as reliable as the judgment of our representatives--and he applies it specifically to a policy whose unpopularity is derived from a massive amount of proof that our representatives' policy has failed. On his deathbed--or death prison cot--Dubya will be remembered as the fool that ignored not only public opinion but also the blatantly obvious, self-evident truths emanating from his failed policy.
  2. Now you tell us! Well, if your judgment was so poor then, why should we listen to you now? Two years of operating under the wrong assumption has cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and countless Iraqi citizens. Mr. Cheney, you must resign for your governance is far too perilous to continue even one second longer.
  3. You approved of that letter? Really? Does that mean you plan on using the President's executive order to seize her campaign's finances? No? Then stfu, Penguin. Meh!
  4. I don't recall? I look forward to you saying that again to the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the House Judiciary Committee. I'm afraid that by the time they start subpoenaing you for this episode, something far worse you've done will come to light and we'll just step over the corpse of the Justice Department and move on to that.
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