Friday, August 10, 2007

The Joys of Upholstery Blogging

In the days before the big Yearly Kos blogger convention, when the blogging on the left was very light, I noticed a few posts here and there about the infamous FISA bill. I didn't believe that a deeply unpopular President who seemed like he might very well be headed toward impeachment--yes, I thought that impeachment was possible as recently as a week ago--could possibly pull off the magic trick of getting Congress to legalize one of his most overt criminal activities. Well, poof! Surprise! He did it. Oh, Raw Story, I thought, when will you ever learn? Oh, Democratic Underground, I thought, you silly alarmists. No way any Democrat would shoot the party in the ass like this. Riiiiight.

Well, we know how that turned out. And as a result I have taken my very productive political blog--which I work my ass off on--out of the political arena. And until some Democrat works in tandem with at least one other Democrat to do something at least somewhat impressive in the fight for our dwindling civil rights, it's going to be wall to wall upholstery blogging over at IST. No, I'm not really going to be posting pictures of furniture with commentary like this--"Check out the vinyl on that baby, wow!" "Upholstery blogging" is just a euphemism for lighthearted, fun blogging, like the cat blogging or flower blogging some people engage in. I'm not saying that stuff is wrong to do, on the contrary, I've been doing it for three days and I love it. I even did a little celebrity blogging today. Talk about relaxing. Did you people know Amy Winehouse is in rehab? You do now. Ironic, huh?

Other than this crazy little post, I won't be bringing my furniture over here to Les Enragés. In fact, the strike thing is just a silly way for me to have a little fun and for me to make almost every post I do about FISA and it won't last too much longer. It's just for IST, and I am very glad that I can come over here and rant my disillusioned head off about this stuff.

But man, I was surprised by this. I never thought we could lose so many rights so fast.

Makes me want to lay down on this nice hammock.
NOTE: Images courtesy of Unconventional Conventionist.
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