Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pre Veep Debate Openness

"Nice Rack" - We Could be Talking Antlers

Thread below was getting a little crowded so I thought I'd offer this latest pre-debate spin from the McCain Camp.

Yep, folks, all Sarah has to do is pass some vague personality test and guess what, she's won! Hey, it's that kind of logic that got us the Shrub but know what, it makes sense in a certain cheap-beer-and-rasslin' kind of way. NASCAR fans like a good rack and Sarah has one hanging over her mantle. She needs to show some leg, tell a few good huntin' and fishin' anecdotes and she's in there.

Never mind that she can't name a Supreme Court case other than Roe v. Wade.

We call it American anti-intellectualism. One in five of us believe the Sun revolves around the Earth, for example. And furthermore, we're smug about our ignorance. Being the bright kid in an American school was an unpleasant place to be, at least until test time.

Blame fundamentalism, the belief that all the answers have been found for us and written by Hebrew and Aramaic speakers two thousand years ago. It's easy: Don't worry about anything, there's a plan being executed in your behalf. Ruin the Earth, there's another, eternal life waiting (obviously they haven't thought about the horrors of eternal life but that's another post). Which brings us back to dear Fundamentalist Sarah. Despite all reason, she believes the Earth to be 6,000 years old, that dinosaurs and humans co-existed, that humans could not possibly be causing global warming, the entire litany of fundie beliefs based on talking points and faith rather than reason.

So tonight's debate is about anti-reason, about a good, down-home hokky mom against a Washington insider out to tear her down. Good theater, might make a movie but know what? I surely don't want an ignorant hokky mom, no matter how well coached by McCain's team, running my country.

Or my PTA for that matter.

Thread away, Unrulies!

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