Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's have a little look, before we can't...

This past Sunday here in Denver, there was an yearly event. Doors Open Denver is literally that; many doors thrown wide open. Places you don't normally get to enter.

I took the opportunity to go and snag some footage of the Pepsi Center and it's proximity to the 16th Street Mall, and just overall place it in relation to town.

Sorry I am just not the best camera person in the world. But I think you'll be able to understand that The Powers That Be have put the Convention in a very controlled spot. More footage later of Civic Center Park where I think most of the action is going to be, what with the upcoming battle of the Recreate '68 morons.

The problem with all this, is that the happy gasbag traditional media will be conveniently able to ignore whatever they won't want to see. Damn.

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