Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kvatch Kvetches - Don't Be Stupid...

...about how it makes you look:
...the Beijing Olympic torch run left only thousands of frustrated protesters on one end of San Francisco and mostly relieved runners and officials on the other. ...But on Wednesday, Mayor Gavin Newsom and other officials said that once they got a good look mid-morning at the chanting, surging, flag-waving crowds along the torch's advertised route, they felt they had no choice.
Do you know what this makes you Mayor Newsom? A tool—a sorry f*cking tool, no better than GOP 'advance men' who want to wall off protesters so that high officials and party aparachiks don't have to see that people disagree with them. That's not the American way.

...about who's at fault:
Executives at American said safety was never compromised, and they suggested the nation's biggest airline was the victim of suddenly stepped-up scrutiny by federal regulators.
No you morons, it was your own stupidity. You had the opportunity 3 weeks ago to fix your planes, and you didn't. Moreover, you did this in a climate where the FAA has already been embarrassed by the exposure of their getting into bed with Southwest over fuselage inspections. You were arrogant and incompetent, and now you're paying the price. Unfortunately, 200,000 passengers are paying the price with you.

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