Monday, November 05, 2007

Tomorrow is Election Day.

So get out and participate in your democracy.

While you still have one.

I asked a number of my colleagues and friends today if they planned on voting tomorrow. We have state assembly and state senate seats up for grabs here in The Garden State, along with a very important public question that would subsidize stem cell research here. I was amazed and more than a little disappointed at the number of folks who couldn't care less about voting. You see, this is an "off year election" which "doesn't mean anything" and which "won't change anything."

Well, maybe. Unless you're a public employee (like, say, a public school teacher...) who depends on the folks in the statehouse to make the right decisions regarding your working conditions, your benefits, and your pension. And unless you or someone you love or care about has an illness (or will someday contract an illness) which might be cured or treated because of stem cell research.

It doesn't mean anything if you don't vote. Yup. Keep telling yourself that.

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