Saturday, November 10, 2007

House Sitting (Open Thread)


Actually it's puppy sitting. The puppy, a 9-week old Golden Retriever puppy named Sam (Sami-Miami) isn't afraid of being alone. My sister is afraid of leaving him alone in the house while they're out-of-state over the weekend. Although the picture below shows him in the living room shortly after the carpets were cleaned and had dried, he is currently restricted to uncarpeted areas of the house when unsupervised. Even supervised, we've been reducing to yelling - whadya mean you're peeing on the floor! You just came in from being outside for two hours! (Plus the thundering in with his rag doll through the pet door leading to the patio. He saunters out more gingerly because of the step down.)

Sam gently attached himself to Cierra, my granddaughter, because SHE was his size. I wish you could have seen his face when she walked into the room. His entire little body just lit up. I still chuckle over it, it was so endearing.


Then there's the cats . . . . Duke and Madeline. Madeline is in the window below watching them drive off. She was pissed and demanded to know, 'What do you mean leaving me here with this . . . . thing!'

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