Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Freaky In More Ways Than One

John Ashcroft gave a speech about security last night at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

What is amazing to me, is that he indicated he was willing to be waterboarded in response to a question from the audience

What is further freaky to me, is that is mentioned in the Rocky Mountain News, but not in the Boulder Daily Camera.

That just flat freaks me out. Boulder is infamous for it's left leaning, and is fondly (sometimes) referred to as"The Independant Republic of Boulder; 26 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality." We're talking serious granola-town here, with a big dollop of patchouli if you get my drift.

The Daily Camera article has somewhat of a scolding tone about some hecklers, but mentions NOTHING that Ashcroft said regarding:

  • Guantanemo is a good place for prisoners
  • He indicated willingness to be waterboarded
  • Ashcroft received $20,000

You have to read the Rocky or find this out at ThinkProgress

Just what in the hell is going on if The Boulder Daily Camera is becoming part of the Village Wurlitzer?

It's just all so freaky. I'm now wondering if he's willing to be tasered too...

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