Thursday, November 29, 2007

Love Trumps Fear

Tony Perkins has sent out a new fundraising letter (here) and Eric Sapps blogs about it over at Faithful Democrats. Apparently, not only is the godless left using scripture to sell their agenda, but if real Christians don't hurry up and send money to Tony, they just might succeed.

My God! Has hell frozen over? Tony is actually afraid that the left might successfully hijack the language of faith.

Eric does a good job of dissecting Tony's latest plea for money and is worth a read. In a nutshell, he notes that Tony still has only one tool to combat the Godforsaken left: fear. Well, that and your money.

But even more importantly, Eric notes that efforts by progressive dems to reclaim our faith language and to state clearly and loudly that Perkins' fear and hate based theology is not what Christianity is about: "While we stood silent and abdicated the language of faith to the extreme right, they were given a free pass and never called on their hypocrisy. But now that Democrats and progressives are engaging effectively and forcefully in this area, they are terrified."

Faithful Democrats have had a simple approach to Perkins and his ilk: to counter the fearmongering and arrogance of the religious reich with a theology of hope and humility. Tony's desperate letter certainly suggests that this approach is not only succeeding, but has reshaped the faith and politics discourse.


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