Monday, July 09, 2007

Eerily Familiar

Doesn't this look and sound eerily familiar?

US agencies (played so convincingly by Harvey Keitel and others) are closing in on the leaders of the terrorists. They have them in the cross-hairs. They phone home by high-tech satellite link for permission to pull the trigger, but can't get those woosie REMFs in the White House to give the OK.

Oh yeah, that was the plot of the onerous ABC/Disney propaganda film Path to 9/11, except that little piece of fiction (written by reight-wing Josef Goebbels wannabe Cyrus Nowrasteh) erroneously tried to saddle Bill Clinton with the blame - and was conveniently scheduled to air just before the November, '06 midterm elections.

Well it didn't work, lots of Republicans got kicked to the curb by the voters, no Democrats lost their seats. Now we find the EXACT OPPOSITE scenario did play out in reality.


Bush Called Off Attacks Against Al Qaeda

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