Sunday, July 15, 2007

Moyers Roundtable on Impeachment

Bill Moyers has of late served to remind America what real journalism looks like. In this latest effort from Bill Moyers Journal (Watch it on PBS) Bill sits down with The Nation's John Nichols and conservative constitutional attorney Bruce Fein from the American Freedom Agenda to discuss the crimes and abuse of power by George Bush and Dick Cheney and the need to impeach them both.

This is great stuff. Highlights of course include a comparison with Richard Nixon's abuses (Bush's are much worse) and an opinion that I have always held, that Nixon's impeachment and trial should have been continued to its conclusion despite his resignation. The tragic consequences of failing to do that were Iran/Contra and the crimes of the current regime. My favorite is this line, that echoes sentiments I have expressed myself,
"You are making a mistake that too many people make. You're seeing impeachment as a Constitutional crisis. Impeachment is the cure for a Constitutional crisis. Don't mistake the medicine with the disease"
-- John Nichols --
The way I put it, failure to impeach would indicate a crisis.
“When leaders are not held accountable for serious mistakes, they and their successors are more likely to repeat those mistakes.”
-- Al Gore in The Assault on Reason --
Moyers Roundtable on Impeachment

Take the PBS poll on Civil Liberties and National Security.

One final quote on the main theme of this post, the idea that the founders saw Impeachment as not just a remedy for governmental abuse, but an alternative to violent revolution.
"A Government that makes peaceful revolution impossible,
makes armed revolution inevitable."
-- John F. Kennedy --

Thanks to the people at Crooks and Liars for putting this video up on YouTube. When I saw them post it in WMP/Quicktime format, I was hoping to be able to post the video myself. H/T to Len Hart (The Existentialist Cowboy) for bringing it to my attention.

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