Sunday, July 15, 2007

Can We Stay

Until We're Finished Robbing You?

The Iraqi prime minister finally came out and said it. We can go. They even backed away from that comment which means they really meant it. Iraqis want us to just go. Of course we're not going anywhere until our corporations achieve all of their benchmarks.

Here's a list.
Jack all of Iraq's oil.
It's only one benchmark really. Stubborn Iraqis just don't want to let multinational companies take their lifeblood.

While they're wrangling the corporations we handed out no-bid deals to are perfectly content to suck the American defense budget dry, but when the benchmark is met, they will walk as if all they were ever doing is serving our national defense needs.

Here's an example of the intermittent fleecing: Halliburton is building our massive Vatican-sized embassy in Iraq. Some observers of the war have claim the size and expense of the embassy is proof that the U.S. plans to maintain a presence in Iraq forever. I'm not so sure. The embassy may be huge and expensive, but it's also a poorly constructed piece of crap. If we walk we won't be walking away from anything but a bad investment. You'd think that was Halliburton's plan in the first place. All that matters to them is that it's expensive.

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