Sunday, June 28, 2009

Your Cans Count Here!

July the 4th is just around the corner. Now is the time to put your best intentions into action. Clean out those pantry shelves (but please double check those expiration dates), go to Costco or wherever you get the most bang for your buck, and tell your friends it's time to pony up.

Then count the number of items you are donating and take them to your local pantry or shelter. If you live in the Northern Ky/Cincy area you can bring them to the church Sunday morning, July 5th. We serve breakfast at 9:15 and worship is at 10:45 a.m.

Finally blog about your efforts and send me the link in the comments section. If you don't blog, then just tell me your total in the comments. I'll do a final tally in a post shortly after the 4th and include the links to your blogs.

If you make a cash donation to your pantry, let me know the amount and I'll list those as well. There seemed to be some confusion about cash donations. These would be made to your local pantry. (Unless you're feeling the love and want to make those checks out to the RevPhat Benevolent Association.) Whether cans or cash, everything is to be done on the local level.

Thanks to QuakerDave we have a facebook group page. So tell all your friends to get on board.

And if you need a reminder of what this is all about click here.

PLEASE EVERYONE: Email Rachel daily (or even hourly?) Some of you have asked me about contacting Rachel Maddow's producers or asked my permission to do something or the other. Permission is hereby granted to do whatever is necessary - and legal - to get the word out. And you don't have to limit it to Rachel only. Call KO or Wolfie over at CNN. If anyone knows Markos or has an in at Daily Kos send them the word. I've tried emailing him, but I'm only one small voice.

Now it's time to get busy. Talk this up to your friends. Blogwhore it widely. ONE MILLION CANS: YES WE CAN! LET'S DO THIS!!

Come, all you who are thirsty…and you who have no money, come and eat! (That Unruly Isaiah 55:1)
[Hey Rev P, sorry but I'm butting in on your post, to amplify, and well, push the harsh reality... smooch, UC/Kelly Canfield]

Let's get real about the scope of what we are proposing against the reality of what exists. 2 years ago, I had the privilege of the Lincoln NE Foodbank letting me in to see a bit of the operations they do:

And if you think it's ONE BIT BETTER TODAY, you gotta another think coming. The new survey for the "Hunger In America" study has only just been completed and is not available at this writing. But from what I am hearing from Lincoln and Denver, the need is devastatingly larger.

And a Million Cans will be grateful, useful, but far less than the need. The visibility YOU can help with will totally make a difference; SO DO IT!

Grab the button; here:

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Now smile: :)

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