Friday, June 12, 2009

Food, Inc.

Food, Inc., a new film documentary opening today, attempts to answer the question, "Where does your food come from?" You can watch the trailer here. It doesn't look like it will be showing anywhere near my corner of the world, so I'll let those who know more than I give there take on it.

From Crackpotpress:
They also explore the science of advanced growth in these animals. In recent years, chickens and cows have been genetically enhanced with steroids, growth hormone and corn. CORN? What's wrong with corn? Cows are herbivores and are only supposed to eat grass. Thanks to government subsidies carboload corn is cheaper than grass. The result is animals who grow three times as large in a fraction of the time. By slaughter time, their legs cannot even support them.

This begs a question, "Why are there congressional investigations of baseball players who use steroids and not investigations of chickens and cows who do?" In the big picture, a Barry Bonds or Manny Ramirez has little effect on my life outside of the occasional heartbreak. Chickens and cows using performance enhancing drugs do. The answer is simple Bush and Clinton both appointed Food Corporation lobbyists and insiders to the head of the FDA. In essence the wolves are guarding the hen house. Those who should be investigated lead the investigations.
And before your friends try to tell you that eating organic, sustainably produced food is too expensive, go over to Cook for Good and learn how you can eat for less than the food stamp allowance. They've got menus, recipes and cooking and food storage tips that will have you saving money and eating healthier.

And just in time for our Million Can March, via DKos, Cook for Good has a tutorial on how to throw a film fundraiser - make that foodraiser. Follow their simple steps, rake in the dough, and donate it to your local food pantry or shelter. And then don't forget to tell us all about it so we can count it towards our goal.

A million cans of food: Yes we can!

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