Friday, June 19, 2009

Mr Miyagi Says

Yoda lookalike Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel an important lesson in this clip from The Karate Kid.

"Man Who Catches Fly With Chopsticks
Can Accomplish Anything."

And by now we've all seen this video:

The Swatta From Chicagga

So how 'bout it Mr. President? You killed a fly and didn't even need the chopsticks! So when are you going to start accomplishing some of the things you were elected for? Just for starters, I'd suggest some investigations of the previous administrations many and varied crimes. You should also think about providing real effective healthcare for all Americans, there are a LOT of other countries that have already accomplished that. There are a dozen other things that you promised in your campaign (and I'm still being solicited for donations BTW) and then reneged on. And finally, you could start standing up to the Republican party for a change. I don't know if you remember this, but THEY LOST THE ELECTION IN NOVEMBER.

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