Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Palin Predicament

And I couldn't be happier for surely this paves the way for the ordination of women in evangelical and conservative churches across the nation. After all, didn't the GOP evangelical base spontaneously break into the Hallelujah Chorus at the news of her nomination as John McCain's running mate? If a woman could serve a heart beat away from the presidency, couldn't a woman be ordained to serve - at the very least - as an associate pastor? David P. Gushee asks some very procative question of the evangelical leadership:

Is it now your view that God can call a woman to serve as president of the United States? Are you prepared to renounce publicly any further claim that God's plan is for men rather than women to exercise leadership in society, the workplace and public life? Do you acknowledge having become full-fledged egalitarians in this sphere at least?

Would Palin be acceptable as vice president because she would still be under the ultimate authority of McCain as president, like the structure of authority that occurs in some of your churches? Have you fully come to grips with the fact that if after his election McCain were to die, Palin would be in authority over every male in the USA as president?

If you agree that God can call a woman to serve as president, does this have any implications for your views on women's leadership in church life? Would you be willing to vote for a qualified woman to serve as pastor of your church? If not, why not?

Do you believe that Palin is under the authority of her husband as head of the family? If so, would this authority spill over into her role as vice president?

Do you believe that women carry primary responsibility for the care of children in the home? If so, does this affect your support for Palin? If not, are you willing to change your position and instead argue for flexibility in the distribution of child care responsibilities according to the needs of the family?

As Gushee concludes, the nomination of Palin offers conservative Christian leaders the chance to rethink an archaic theological vision that wounds millions of devout Christian women and restricts the full exercise of their gifts. Truly this is an unexpected gift from presidential candidate John McCain to evangelical Christianity.

Well a girl can have her fantasies can't she? Too bad even a picture of a woman pastor makes those manly men pastors go limp. Or maybe not. You can purchase this obscene magazine depicting a group of women pastors on its cover at your local Lifeway bookstore, but you won't find it displayed on the rack. Nope, it's been hidden behind the counter like it was some kind of porn.

On a serious note, I am very concerned for Ms. Palin. Earlier this summer, Super Manly Man Pastor Dennis Ware preached the Good Word at the Denton Bible Church in Texas, proclaiming that men have only two options when confronted with a wife who rebels against her husband's God-given authority:
(1) to roll over like a wimp, or
(2) beat some sense into their rebellious woman.
Since Governor Palin apparently consults her husband before conducting state business, she is safe for now and the First Dude's manhood remains intact.

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