Friday, September 05, 2008

Never Forget November 2nd

What follows should be read in a hushed, solemn tone, not unlike the voice used by the late Don LaFontaine when he voiced emotional movie trailers in that sad, kinda heavy tone he was so good at.

Everyone remembers where they were on Tuesday, November 2, 2004. That was the day that an extremist madman masquerading as a populist patriot was... re-elected* president. Using the politics of fear Bush managed to create enough doubts about a war hero to win**, then, the next day, Bush went back to governing. The carnage was wide spread. New Orleans drowned. Iraq burned. The middle class shrank. Everyone had to listen to his stupid speeches. And now another politician is using the politics of fear so that he can rise to power and fuck up America even more. He's been working hard, in the shadows, to use the politics of fear to become President for decades. He even put together this gruesome video, the most fearsome use of the politics of fear ever known:

Thankfully we have a leader who will not use the power of the politics of fear. That leader is Barack Obama. And if we never forget the lessons of that faithful day, November 2nd, we will go forward, unafraid, and do what is necessary to save America from the incompetent fuck-ups. Never forget!

* By "re-elected" I mean "steal the election".
**By "win" I mean "steal the election".


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