Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Secret Law

Sam Seder interviewed Sen Russ Feingold today, it wasn't on his radio show but you can listen on AAR's website:

The topic was the Bush administration's unconstitutional making of secret laws, from signing statements to the John Yoo memo, the non-disclosure of said laws, and in most cases the classification of laws that governed the behavior of the executive branch. The classification was indeed so high that even members of congress were uninformed about many government programs, most of which exceeded any authority given the executive under the constitution. This is so far from what the founders intended as to qualify as the institution of a brand new form of government hitherto unknown in America.

It should go without saying that Congress cannot fulfill its oversight function in regards to things that they are completely ignorant of. Lest we forget, the illegal warrantless wiretapping program went on for nearly five years before it was revealed.
"A nation that loses control of its check on its commander in chief
is something other than a democracy."
-- John Dean --
So the question to ponder is: if it's not a democracy any more, what do you want to call the current system of government?

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